Floors Are Done, Take A Load Off

Getting on your hands and knees is a hassle. You don’t have time to thoroughly clean the floors, but you know it needs to get done. Leave the tough job of tile and grout cleaning to Pegasus! Our powerful cleaning equipment and our dedicated team will get the job done, so you can focus on the things that matter.. See and feel the Pegasus clean!

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Restore the natural beauty of your ceramic tile and grout

Sweeping and mopping are great for keeping your floors clean, but you know when it’s time to get a thorough clean. The dirt and grime seep into the grout of your floors over time. Our powerful cleaning solutions make your tile and grout look like new! Maintain the life of your tile by keeping it clean.
  • Get off of your hands and knees
  • Let us handle the tough jobs
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Prevent Allergies from Raiding Your Home

Keeping your house clean is crucial to being allergen-free!

So it’s likely that you know what it feels like to have itchy, water eyes, constant sneezing, sinus pressure, and a runny nose. Chances are there are things inside your home that are causing or contributing to your allergies.

Download this free ebook about allergy home prevention and kick those allergies out!


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