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You love your carpet for its comforting and welcoming feel in your home, but maintaining its beauty over time is almost impossible. The kids spill their drinks, the pets are in and out, and shoes tend to track in dirt and grime.We understand that maintaining the life of your carpet can mean simple upkeep like vacuuming or small repairs, but rest assured knowing that when you need full-service carpet cleaning and total carpet replacement, Pegasus is here. Our technicians will give you a truthful assessment for each carpet cleaning job, whether it’s removing that one single stain in the middle of your living room or cleaning the carpet in your entire home.

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Pegasus’ Powerful Steam Cleaning Method

Nothing cleans more thoroughly or protects your carpet better than the Pegasus’ carpet steam cleaning method, also known as hot water extraction. With hot water extraction, we pull our hoses into your home, we steam clean all of the dirt, grime, and contaminants out of your carpet and into our truck, leaving you with beautiful carpet.
  • We use the hot water extraction method to clean your carpet.
  • Our equipment is powerful and safe
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Save time and money with Pegasus’ Bundled Services

At Pegasus, we love saving you time and money. Since we’re already at your house, why charge more to have you benefit from additional cleaning services?

Get  additional services at a discounted price!


Pegasus Care for Your Fine Rugs

Our approach to cleaning oriental rugs combines old world craftsmanship with new technology. We use patented tools and equipment designed specifically for cleaning oriental rugs to ensure your fine rugs receive the proper cleaning care they deserve. Maintain the life and stature with Pegasus care!

  • Get fine cleaning for your fine rugs
  • Maintain the life of your investment

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