We Don’t Just Clean Carpets, We Save Them!

As a commercial realtor, you’re managing and maintaining many residential properties or apartment complexes. You have leasing timelines to meet and you need quality service now. Pegasus Carpet Care has provided carpet cleaning and carpet repair services for 20 years in San Antonio at competitive prices. We’re known for not only cleaning carpets, but saving the very worst! We have experience in the apartment industry, where we’ve seen the worst of the worst, yet we’ve been able to provide quality service nonetheless. Pegasus will get you beautiful carpet so you can close the deal!

Why Are We The Best?

Our highly trained technicians are guaranteed to execute quality services in a timely manner. We put quality first to ensure your commercial investment meets industry standards and looks great!
Our owner and company manager understand you need a responsive team to provide quality commercial services in a timely manner. We are aware that you have leasing timelines and industry standards to adhere to, therefore, our promise is to be sensitive and flexible with your timelines.
We are a Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning Company. We use the highest quality carpet steam cleaning equipment on the market today. Whether we’re cleaning air ducts, shampooing carpet, or cleaning tile and grout, rest assured that you are receiving the best our industry has to offer.



You need all of those carpet stains and the pet odor removed, so you can lease the house.
We have the experts and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


You need a clean office space without the coffee stains and grime in those high traffic areas.
Our truck mounted steam cleaning equipment will leave your space spotless and looking new.


You have people coming in and out, and it’s time to schedule a floor cleaning.
We have powerful carpet and tile cleaning equipment to clean your floors in a timely and efficient manner.


You need the entire room to be cleaned, from the carpet to the mattresses.
We can get the grime out, so you can welcome new visitors in. cleanliness, hygiene, image, dry time/timeliness